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Best Ball of Foot Cushion

I’m sure we’ve all experienced the pain and discomfort caused by standing on our feet for prolonged periods.

Intense activities that require a lot of physical effort can cause the ball of your foot to become painful and inflamed.

A ball of your foot cushion provides relief from this pain that for many, can be a daily occurrence.

These cushions intend to reduce the pressure on the ball of your foot by providing support to the metatarsal bone. 

There are many different varieties of ball of your foot cushions available, each effective in their own way. The style that you choose is likely to be based upon your comfort preference.

If you are unsure as to what you should be looking for, fear not as I have selected five of the best ball of your foot cushions available.

Below I have also included a buyer’s guide with my top tips for choosing the best product. 

Are you in a hurry? If you don’t have the time to continue reading, I have selected my top pick for you below. 

Before you continue, I wanted to let you know I will potentially make a small commission from any purchases you make via the links on this page, it helps pay for the upkeep of the site amongst other things.


Ballotte Store Ball of Foot Cushions

If you are looking for cushions that are going to provide pain relief to the ball of foot region without appearing noticeable,

I would recommend the invisible by the Ballotte Store. Coming as a pack of four you have plenty of pairs for future uses. 

The pads themselves are made using a jelly-like material with anti-slip qualities that help to secure them in place as you walk.

I particularly like how the soft cushioning resembles the feeling of walking on clouds delivering long-lasting comfortable and effective pain relief.

As sticky pads, they can be secured to the bottom of your shoe for secure and prolonged wear.

A great thing about these pads is that they can be reused in the future. They are made using durable medical-grade gel that can be washed after each use.

The slim design makes them easy to insert and they are suitable for use in a range of different shoe types.


  • These ball of foot cushions are great value for money.
  • As well as providing relief to the ball of foot region, they also prevent the development of blisters and corns.
  • They are easy to secure to your shoes courtesy of the adhesive backings.
  • The gel material provides a soft cushioning effect.
  • As a four-pack, you are provided with plenty of pairs for future uses.


  • While these are effective in delivering short time pain relief they may not be effective in providing long-lasting pain relief.

Brison Ball of Foot Cushions

If you often find yourself wearing shoes with any sort of heel, it is likely that you have experienced the pain caused by the lack of support and I can assure you, it isn’t comfortable.

These cushions have been made using medical-grade silicone and eco-friendly materials to provide a soft feel and long-lasting comfort.  

I know that walking a distance in uncomfortable shoes can be particularly challenging and that’s why I like the ergonomic design of these cushions; they make it much a more comfortable experience.

The adhesive backing also possesses non-slip qualities so the cushions are going to remain securely in place as you walk. 

Impressively, when you purchase these cushions you are provided with 3 pairs and each is washable and reusable.

They are also transparent so they aren’t going to appear noticeable when they are inserted into your shoes.


  • Retailing at an affordable price, these cushions are great value for money.
  • As these cushions are invisible they are going to blend into your footwear.
  • The high-quality materials are durable for long-lasting comfort. 
  • These cushions remain in place so they aren’t going to move around inside your shoes.
  • They can be washed in between uses.


  • These cushions are a little thick and so they may make your shoes feel tighter.

Bemocy Ball of Foot Cushions

Working to deliver instant pain relief, these ball of foot cushions by Bemocy alleviate pains caused by bunions and calluses too.

I like how the cushioning uses soft, high quality gel, which acts as a shock absorber against the ground below while softening the feel of chafing. 

A great thing about these ball of foot cushions is that they are durable and suitable for reuse in the future.

Purchasing your cushions only to find that they see you through a single wear can be particularly annoying.

However, these ball of foot cushions can simply be washed in warm and soapy water in between uses. 

I particularly like their compatibility with many different styles of shoes and they are also easy to insert into the forefoot area.

This means that you never have to compromise on comfort for effective pain relief. The feel of these cushions also provides an anti slip effect which helps to prevent them from moving around inside your shoes.

They also come in a pack of 12 so you have plenty available for future uses.


  • The soft cushion design helps to relieve foot and muscle fatigue.
  • They are affordably priced and available in a 12 pack so you have plenty available.
  • The multiple colour options allow you to select the best option according to your foot attire.
  • They can be washed which makes them suitable for reuse.
  • The adhesive is very sticky so they are going to remain in place for prolonged periods.


  • These cushions can be a little difficult to position in the exact area where they are needed.

Dr Scholl’s Tri Comfort Insoles

The Dr Scholl’s Tri Comfort Insoles don’t only provide support to the balls of your feet but they also provide cushioning to your arch and heel too.

As a versatile product, these insoles are going to deliver long-lasting comfort and support.  

Thanks to the Flexi spring arch support you can enjoy customised comfort making them ideal for daily wear.

The targeted cushioning found on the heel and toe section of these insoles helps to deliver long lasting comfort while reducing the impact of the ground on the key areas of your feet.

This allows you to walk and engage in physical activity with improved support and pain relief against unpleasant foot pains. 

I’m sure you’ll agree that finding ball of foot cushions that are compatible with your footwear can be a struggle.

However, these insoles are available in two options, with one size suitable for men with feet sized between 8-12 and another option suitable for women between sizes 6 and 10.  


  • Retailing at an affordable price, they are great value for money. 
  • They are extremely versatile providing targeted support to three areas of your feet. 
  • There are two sizes available, so these insoles are suitable for both men and women.
  • Courtesy of the durable design you can enjoy long lasting wear of these insoles. 
  • They are ideal for people who spend a lot of time on their feet as they deliver effective comfort and relief.


  • These insoles are a little thin so some may find them ineffective in providing support to all areas of your feet.

Best Buyer’s Guide 

There are several factors to consider before investing in your ball of foot cushions. Of course, comfort is important but it is also necessary to consider things such as the material, the ease of application, and how effective they are in providing support. 

I have outlined my top tips for choosing the best products below. 


Opting for a comfortable ball of your foot cushions is essential. From my experience, I know that the comfort of the cushions plays a huge role in providing effective support and relief.

Aside from supporting the ball of your foot they can also help to prevent the development of blisters and bunions etc, making it much easier for you to stand on your feet for longer.

Those that are made from elasticated materials are preferable as they are going to provide a more comfortable fit for various foot shapes and sizes. 


One of the main purposes of ball of your foot cushions is to provide support to the metatarsal bone as this can help to relieve any burning pains and inflammation.

However, if you are looking for a cushion to alleviate pains caused by additional foot conditions, I would advise paying attention to the specifications of the product to ensure that it is going to be effective in doing so.

You may also benefit from a full foot sleeve rather than a cushion depending on the support that you require.

Products that provide support to the toe area can be particularly effective in preventing nerve or tissue damage.

Before making your purchase assess the severity of your foot condition to ensure that you make the purchase that is right for your needs. 


There are several materials that ball of your foot cushions can be made from.

Gel tends to be a popular choice and some may prefer the feel of gel support as it can provide effective shock absorption along with a therapeutic feel.

Wool is also popular, they aren’t as flexible as other types of material on offer but are believed to offer firmer support.

Polyurethane foam is also a popular choice and is commonly sought after for the comfort and support that it provides.

The type of cushion that you choose is going to be largely dependent on your preferences as you may find one particular type to be more comfortable and effective in relieving your pain than another. 

Non slip 

When the cushion is secured to the bottom of your foot or your shoe it should remain in place. You don’t want to be walking around to find that the pad has slipped and is moving around your shoe.

Not only is this likely to be annoying and ineffective at providing the necessary support, but it can also cause your shoes to become damaged as a result.

When making your purchase pay attention to the quality of the adhesive as this will provide an indication as to how well the pad is going to remain in place. 


Your shoe cushion should possess breathable qualities.

If you are someone who enjoys spending lengthy periods on your feet you don’t want to be subject to an unwanted build-up of sweat and moisture as this isn’t likely to be very pleasant.

Some materials are going to be more breathable than others. Mesh is believed to be one of the most breathable types of materials available.

The holes allow the air to circulate which helps to prevent the build-up of sweat throughout the day. A breathable material creates a shoe that is well ventilated. 


Many brands will market their product in multiple quantities. When making your purchase instead of getting a singular pair in many cases there will be multiple pairs on offer.

If you require regular use of these cushions it may be worth opting for a larger quantity so you have plenty available. The durability of the cushions is important.

The adhesive needs to be effective in securing the cushion to your shoe or foot. If it loses its stickiness quickly it isn’t going to be suitable for regular use.

The breathability of the footpad is likely to affect how durable it is going to be. One with poor ventilation is likely to cause the cushion to deteriorate in quality sooner.

A great thing about a lot of these cushions is that they can easily be washed in between uses to maintain their freshness. 


Ball of foot cushions can be applied in one of the two following ways, onto your shoe or directly to your foot.

They can also be secured via adhesive or velcro, although I’ve found that adhesive appears to be the most popular option.

Applying the cushion to your feet allows you to target a specific area easily. It also eliminates the risk of ruining your shoes because of the adhesive.

Others may prefer to apply the cushion to their shoe. They tend to last longer this way. You may develop a preference for a particular type of adhesive and a way of securing the cushion to the shoe. 


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the cause of pain on the bottom of the ball of your foot?

The ball of your foot can become painful and inflamed due to a condition known as Metatarsalgia.

There are many causes that are believed to lead to the development of this condition. This may be down to your participation in particular sporting activities that involve etc.

It can also occur if your daily schedule involves you standing on your feet for prolonged periods. Another reason maybe because of the fit of your shoes.

What can you do about pain in the ball of your foot?

There are many steps that you can take to ease the pain in the ball of your foot, some of which you may find more effective than others. The first step is to rest your feet whenever possible.

If you are partaking in regular sporting activities that involve a lot of foot movement try and take time to raise your feet in between.

Also, ensure that you wear shoes that are comfortable and the correct size and that you also wear pads and insoles whenever is necessary.

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