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Choosing The Best Jacket For Running In The Rain

What is the ?

Let’s face it, if you are running in the UK, you will at some point be faced with the pleasures of running when it’s raining, so how do you choose the right jacket.

In reality, if you have been running for any length of time, you will know a little rain on your run can be quite nice.

After all, a gentle drizzle can cool you down nicely as you eat up the miles on your training run.

However, no one likes to be wet through and still having miles left on your run.

Next to blisters, it is probably one of the main blights of the UK runner.

There’s probably nothing worse than feeling like a drowned rat and having your core temperature dropping quicker than a premiership footballer in the opposition penalty area.

The Best Jacket For Running In The Rain - Running in the rain
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Get the right gear and you can run in relative comfort in just about any weather.

So, what should you consider when deciding which is the ?

Well, of course, you will have your priorities, but the main areas to focus on are as follows:

How Waterproof is the Jacket

I don’t think I’m going out on a limb when I tell you a primary consideration when it comes to a that performs well in the wet, is how waterproof is it?

For a start, is the jacket described as ‘waterproof’ or ‘water resistant’?

In very simple terms, the difference in the descriptions come down to how long the jackets will keep out the wet.

While waterproof jackets should never let in the rain, you will find that water resistant will eventually allow the moisture in.

On average you might expect a water resistant jacket to keep you dry for around half an hour or so (depending on the strength of the rain)

Breathability of the Jacket

In the last section I wrote about the ‘waterproofness’ of the jacket.

This is a fairly obvious thing to consider when looking for a jacket to keep you dry when out for your training run.

However, something not so obvious is the breathability of the jacket.

Get this wrong and you’ll be dripping wet even if the jacket is completely waterproof…

…only this time the moisture will be your own perspiration.

Just think about doing your run wearing a bin liner.

The plastic bag might be 100% waterproof, but it wouldn’t let your body breath, meaning you would very quickly start .

So unless you want to overheat you should look for a breathable jacket.

How Close Is The Fit?

The first two features I mention, are obvious.

Less easy to determine is the fit.

A large or oversized jacket can act like a parachute.

If you have ever run into a head wind, you will know it can be a right royal pain in the backside battling against it.

If you add, what in effect is a bloody great ‘sail’ to this, the effort you have to put in is multiplied.

I remember when I went out for a run using my football training jacket which was several sizes too big for me.

Despite only being a relatively short run I came back absolutely shattered due to the effort countering the drag of the jacket.

So when you choose a jacket, you want to make sure it is as figure hugging as possible.

It is even worth considering getting a size below what you would normally get to ensure a snug fit.

Make It Lightweight

Another obvious one when you think about it, but not something people necessarily consider.

Not only should you consider the ‘dry’ weight of the jacket, but also if it will absorb the rain.

Length of the Jacket

A final consideration, is how long is the jacket you are looking at.

All that rain that hits the jacket while you out running has to go somewhere.
And gravity dictates the rain will run down.

If your jacket finishes at the waist, it means everything below the hem is going to receive the run off.

Many of the jackets available are very good at keeping you dry and comfortable when out running.

So you might find that in the end, your choice will come down to how stylish the jacket is.

Below I highlight some of the best running running jackets currently available for to consider.

Before you continue, I wanted to let you know I will make a small commission from any purchases you make via the links on this site, it helps pay for the upkeep of the site amongst other things.

The Best Jackets For

Gore Running Wear MYTHOS 2.0 Running Jacket

If it is raining, it makes sense that visibility won’t be great…

…therefore it is a good idea to have a that not only keeps you warm and dry, but also lets you be seen.

The Gore Mythos 2.0 windstopper running jacket checks all these boxes…

..and a few more besides.

The jacket is idea for those runs when it is, wet, cold AND low visibility.

In other words just about anytime between September and March in the UK!

It is fleece lined and has a water resistant exterior shell membrane, but also has maximum breathability.

It is also designed with reflective paneling to ensure you will be seen when out for your runs.

When it comes to practicalities,the jacket comes with dual zipped front pockets, enabling you to carry all your essentials with you.

At time of writing, the jacket has also received an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 from 100+ reviews. Making it clear that current users of the Gore Mythos 2.0 Windstopper Running Jacket are very happy with their purchase.

Check Out The Full Details Of The Gore Mythos 20 HERE

Inov8 AT/C Stormshell Full Zip Jacket

The Inov8 AT/C Stormshell Full Zip Jacket is designed to be both waterproof and lightweight.

It will even packaway into its own pouch when you don’t need it, allowing you to carry it with you when you go out for your run.

The jacket comes complete with a hood that both stows away when you don’t need it and has a wired peak for when you do want it.

The hood also allows easy adjustment as you are running. This ensures you aren’t stuck at the side of the road faffing about to get the fit just right.

Again, like the previous jacket, the Inov8 AT/C Stormshell Full Zip Jacket caters for the fact that you need to be seen when out running.

There are reflective strips 360 degrees around the jacket making sure as safe and as visible as possible.

Check Out The Full Details Of The Inov8 AT/C Stormshell HERE

Mizuno Waterproof 20K Running Jacket

The Mizuno Waterproof 20K Jacket is created with technology called ImpermaLite.

What this means to you as a runner is that the jacket offers great protection against the wind and the rain.

At the same time, the technology also provides the jacket with good breathability. This will ensure you keep you cool and comfortable as you eat up the miles.

The technology employed to make this a very well regarded doesn’t stop there though.

Something called Dynamotion also provides the Mizuno Waterproof 20K Jacket a fit which is snug, whilst still giving you full freedom of movement.

No billowing virtual parachute slowing you down with this jacket. 🙂

The mundane practicalities are also not forgotten. You are able to store items on your run with a chest based zipped pocket.

Check Out The Full Details Of The Mizuno Waterproof 20K Running Jacket HERE

OMM Aether Smock Running Jacket

The OMM Aether Smock Running Jacket has managed to combine a 3 layer fabric along with a miniscule weight of 195 grams.

Meaning you will be staying dryer for longer, without having to drastically increase the weight you are carrying.

The jacket comes complete with a hood that is fully adjustable and incorporates a face gusset for the worst of the weather.

The OMM Aether Smock Running Jacket also takes safety seriously with reflective details all around the jacket.

Storage is not forgotten either. The jacket comes with two large pocket bags, idea for all those items you need to take with you.

Check Out The Full Details of The OMM Aether Smock Running Jacket HERE

CARE OF by PUMA Men’s Water Resistant Windbreaker Jacket

The CARE OF by PUMA Men’s Water Resistant Windbreaker Jacket is the cheapest of this collection of the jackets for .

And as much as it is a very good jacket (as can be seen from the reviews owners have given it), it is only water resistant and NOT waterproof.

This is an interesting running jacket in that it is a collaboration between Amazon and PUMA.

The main attributes are it is very lightweight and includes an adjustable hood.

It also comes with a mesh lining making ensuring your body can breath. Thus ensuring you keep cool when you are out running

On the practical side the CARE OF by PUMA Men’s Water Resistant Windbreaker Jacket comes with decent pockets for your bits and pieces. There is also a hanging loop allowing you to carry the jacket easily when you don’t want/need to wear it.

Check Out The Full Details Of The CARE OF by PUMA Men’s Water Resistant Windbreaker Jacket HERE

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