Running Diary WC 10th August 2020

Monday 10/08/2020 – The Seven Mile Negative Splits

It started out as just an easy 7 miles(ish) to get the old legs going.

However after my second mile was quicker than the first, and then the third being quicker than the second, it got my competitive juices flowing.

I had to now try to get negative splits all the way to the last full mile…

…each mile being quicker than the previous.

As a motivator to put it in, it definitely worked 🙂

Tuesday 11/08/20 – Kingfisher Group 2 Easy Run

Following the exertions of the yesterday’s negative splits run, it was nice to have a leisurely trott around with the Kingfisher Harriers Group 2 runners.

Amazing how quickly the time goes when you are nattering all the way around.

Before I even realised it 7 miles had gone and felt a million dollars 🙂

Wednesday 12/08/20 – Getting a Sweat Up Without Leaving the House

Decided that tonight would be a ‘cross-’ night on the static bike.

The trouble is that the garage tends to keep hold of the heat, and so it was all a bit sweaty!

Fortunately the TV catch up on my tablet made the 48 minutes fly by.

Clocked up just under 12.5 miles…

…and lost about a kg in sweat!

Thursday 13/08/20 – A Game of Two Halves

My tonight was split into two distinct parts.

The main part of it was a ‘Pyramid Speed Session’.

This was the session being done in the official club run, but as I missed out on getting one of the 6 places available, I decided to do it solo.

5 mins warm up

1 min effort

2 min recovery run

2 min effort

2 min recovery

3 min effort

2 min recovery

4 min effort

2 min recovery

5 min effort

2 min recovery

4 min effort

2 min recovery

3 min effort

2 min recovery

2 min effort

2 min recovery

1 min effort

2 min recovery

Felt good and I definitely knew I’d had a run by the end of it.

I then finished the night off with a slow jog for the 1 and a third or so back home.

This all worked out to just over 6 miles of .

Preceding this however (on the way over to the Arrow Valley lake where I was doing the pyramid speed session) I completed the Garmin Coach Benchmark run.

I am trialing the Coaching option on my Garmin Foreruner 45, and the first run is this short bench mark run:

2 mins warm up

5 mins ‘normal’ effort

2 mins cooldown

As it was such a short run, I didn’t want to go out specifically to do it, therefore it made sense to do it on the way to another of my runs.

Friday 14th August – Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Decided I wanted to train, but didn’t want to train that hard, so it could only mean a nice an easy exercise bike session.

The result was a steady 9 miles or so in around 36 minutes.

Enough to get a sweat up without busting a gut.

Saturday 15th August – Garmin Coach ‘Tired’ Run

It was back to the Garmin Coach Half Marathon plan today, and after a week of it was planned to be a ‘Tired’ run, which I think just means run at whatever pace feels comfortable.

Strangely enough, although I know I wasn’t going fast, but it did feel very easy on the body…I just seemed to be in sync, with everything doing what it should be doing with the minimum of fuss.

Finished feeling top of the world.

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