Running Diary W/C 27th July 2020

Monday 27/07/20

This week started with something completely new for me, a Monaghetti Fartlek session.

If you have not come across this before, it was a run developed by Australian long distance runner, Steve Moneghetti.

A runner who had a PB of 2:08:16 for the , so no slouch and someone worth paying attention to.

It is a continuous 20 minute workout (usually around a track or other loop). There would normally also be a slow warm up and warm down run preceding and following the session.

The Monaghetti Fartlek:

2 x 90 seconds effort / 90 seconds recovery
4 x 60 seconds effort / 60 seconds recovery
4 x 30 seconds effort / 30 seconds recovery
4 x 15 seconds effort / 15 seconds recovery

As the club I am a member can only have a maximum number of 6 on club runs. I was slow on the uptake and so missed out on the formal club Mona Fartlek session.

As I was intrigued by the concept and always up for something new in my , I decided to have a solo ‘Mona’ session.

I started with a nice steady 2.5 miles at just over 9 minute miles to run from my house to the local lake.

A lap of the lake is around a mile and a half, and in pleasant conditions, I started the session.

I always find that I can never quite go as quickly as I can when I’m running with others and in addition my breathing never really got in sync with the increased speed.

However, despite this, I was relatively happy with the higher than normal intensity of the run and will definitely give it another go in the future.

The session was then completed with an almost 9:23 m/m slow warm down run home.

In terms of mileage, this worked out to be 2.51 warm up, 2.48 mile in the Fartlek session and 2.64 miles back home.

A grand total of 7.63 miles.

Tuesday 28/07/20

As is common these days, I followed yesterdays running’ with a X-Training session on my static bike in.

So watching a George Foreman documentary on my tablet, I completed 12.42 miles in 48 minutes.

Wednesday 29/07/20

Decided that a nice steady run was the order of the day.

So completed 5.58 miles at a mainly very steady pace. I say mainly, as I threw in the odd ‘effort’ , usually when I was presented with an incline.

Thursday 30/07/20

Probably not the best idea to try to go for my longest AND quickest run of the week, just as the weather decided to be more ‘summer like’!

Started off feeling good and after an initial mile or some of warm up pace, stepped it up a little. Fast Forward 5 miles or so and some one just pulled the plug out.

Feeling totally drained it took a decent amount of effort to even keep running. Indeed , with a mile to go of the planned run, I just had to stop and walk/jog the remainder of the way.

Not nice, although it wasn’t all bad when you have views like the one below on your run:

The View Running Around Arrow Valley Lake
The View Running Around Arrow Valley Lake

Friday 31/07/20

It was back on to the bike in the garage this afternoon, and what a seat fest it was too.

Very warm + very humid = pools of sweat!

Still I did 51 minutes of steady cycling to cover 13.23 miles (if I was actually moving anywhere).

Saturday and Sunday proved to be taken up with jobs around the house, so no further miles undertaken this week.

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